[1989: Director goes interactive:]

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1994: African-American programmer invents Lingo.

Macromind's (now Macromedia) Director program started life as a 2D animation tool before African-American programmer John Thompson created Lingo. It was initially released as a separate module for Director.

This piece of history is often overlooked. It doesn't have anything to do with the inventor's ethnicity, or does it?

P.S. I know I've said this elsewhere, but the problems I've had adding this important piece of New Media history says a lot about the dodgy notion of New Media starting in 1994.

Comment submitted by nemo

That's a good question. I'm enjoying the timeline and like the idea of a festival, but could someone please explain why they think new media began in 1994!?

Comment submitted by ilana

Hello Nemo, Glad you're enjoying the Time Line. NMK has decided to celebrate the last 10 years of the internet in the UK. By doing so we're not stating that we think that's when 'new media' began, but commenting it was in 1994 that things got really exciting for the UK industry. I'm sure that lots of other people could explain why they think it all kicked off in 1994, but for me it was when I first got onto the internet and worked out how to use webmail and then Hotmail