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What is 1010?

1010 is a festival celebrating the British new media industry: the last ten years have been a unique and exciting time and the aim of the festival is to examine the major developments in the past decade with a view to ensuring success for the next.

The core of the festival is the physical manifestation of an industry told by experience, analogy and exposition. In addition it is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the personal endeavours and experiences of the famous, infamous and the unsung, addressing their part in the rollercoaster that is this industry.

Autumn sees the 1010 Festival with a programme consisting of exhibits, performances, discussion and debate with contributions from innovators, influencers, commentators; all members of the industry are encouraged to participate in this, and can add their own experience or comment on the 1010 timeline link to timeline which will create the foundations of the festival.

All 1010 activities are being co-ordinated by NMK with direction, support and assistance from a number of key industry supporters. Together we form the 1010 consortium, and if you would like to be a part of these page, there is more information on our Sponsorship and Partners page.