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1994: PowerMac to be based on Power PC? chip
1996: Michael D. Jonas Teener invents Firewire.
Teener was first at National Semiconductor? then at Apple. He standardised Firewire as ieee1394

05.1998: Apple introduce iMac
1999: Final Cut Pro released
2001: iPod personal audio MP3 player launched
2002: iMac pedestal computer introduced
2001: Free downloadable MP3 player iTunes launched
2003: Apple launches the Safari browser
2003: G5 64-bit processor contains 58 million transistors.
2003: i-tunes service launched
2004: Mini-iPod now stores 10,000 music tracks
2004: Runtime Revolution launch Revolution
- a suite of hypercard-like cross platform authoring programs, fully backwardly compatible with Apple's Hypercard, and scripted using a superset of Hypertalk.

06.2004: launch iTunes in UK france and germany