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05.2001: Fotobot
window-mounted web-based self-portrait system developed by Swiss company Belleville Studios collects over 600,000 photos online - see www.cyberhelvetia.ch
Comment submitted by bob

BC: Fotobot collected over 600,000 self portraits during the year it was installed in 30 shop-windows in cities in Switzerland. This is the largest collection of self-portraits ever made. The portraits are stored online www.cyberhelvetia.ch A selection of them was published in a fat flip-book as 'the best of fotobot'. It demonstrates the creative ingenuity of 'ordinary' people making use of new media - a touchscreen-operated digital camera - there are tops and bottom, lovers, sisters, friends, silly faces, dogs, hands, lips, profiles, fashionistas, grunge teenagers, surrealists, diane arbus kids, equestriennes, kids, hats, hair, tits, montages, fancy dress, ski goggles, snapshots, cool, old, young, gay straight, smiles and above showing visually a brilliant enthusiasm for Fotobot. I love this linking together of extant technologies (interactive touchscreen, webcam, online database etc) into the new and surprising.