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05.2000: collapses 6 months after launch
heralding hard times ahead
Comment submitted by Anonymous

Boo.com symbolised so many other dot.com failures, but the caricature was unfair. Many dot.coms were staffed by hard working professionals, trying to launch a business on tight budgets, but boo.com was a collection of freaks, conmen and clowns, who managed to discredit an entire sector with their antics.

Comment submitted by Anonymous

Or so is the myth... Get over it. The people who worked at boo and pushed the website kicking and screaming out the door, warts and all, had more of an education and gained more valuable experience than most. Their gain, your loss.

Comment submitted by plimpton

Oh, the people at Boo: Victims of their relentless publicity machine. Didn't it relaunch in 2001 as a fashion magazine rather than a shopping mall, and again, found nobody was interested?

Comment submitted by Tom

So the Boo staff gained valuable experience? I thought it was meant to be a retail business, not a gap year. There are cheaper ways to get an education than spending millions on a website that doesn't work.