[Digital Slam:]

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1995: "The World's first trans-Atlantic jam"
Produced by Marc Boothe and co-produced and directed by Derek Richards, The Digital Slam is believed to be the first ever live/real time collaboration between perfromance artists across the Atlantic using telematic links. It used an amalgamation of technologies including H320 audio and video conferencing and MIDI networking over direct POTS (ordinary telephone) connections to allow collaborations between performance poets, vidoe artists musicians & DJs. These were live real time remote collaborations. There have been several attempts to duplicate its success. Very few have succeeded.

This significant black led event featured black artists from the UK and the USA. Let's see more culturally diverse entries on this timeline. Because of the assumption that New Media started in 1994(?), important developments like the black technologist John Thompson's invention of lingo in 1988/89 has nowhere to go!