Director User Group (UK)

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1996: inaugural meeting

Responding to a posting on the DIRECT-L mailing list, Andy Wilson (Bereza Associates, now LShift) called a meeting at the Jeremy Bentham Pub, University St, London, to form a Macromedia Director user group for the UK.

The first meeting was attended by UK new media luminaries-to-be Jon Bains and Simon Crab (Obsolete / Lateral), William Donellson (aka Captain Quicktime), Sue Thexton (VP Europe, Macromedia), Peter Small (author of How God Makes God, Lingo Sourcery and other books, all-round New Media guru), Bassem Abdallah (Amazing Productions), Pete Robinson (QuickTime and video pioneer and researcher), Sophie Clare and many others.

In practice, the group's interests spread well beyond it's remit to discuss Director. The DUG mailing list became a forum for discussion of anything and everything to do with new media, from technology through to the widest discussion of the social impact of what we were doing and what we imagined we were doing - the early list archives would themselves form a decent history of the period.