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2002: Barbican Game On exhibition
of the history and culture of videogames (Lucien King (ed): Game On book published by Lawrence King Publishing)
Comment submitted by bob

BC: Like most popular media (comics, scifi, soaps), videogames have been largely ignored by the art establishment. Here was the National Museum of Scotland and the Barbican's response - a great show and companion book. The show featured the history, the consoles, the technology, the design and making of games, and the fan's responses. Game design really took off in the 70's and 80's in the UK because of the availability of cheap programmeable games machines and micro-computers like the ZX80, the Atari, Commodore64 and Acorn BBC Micro - these machines became the vehicle for a whole generation of hands-on games designers. This bottom-up genesis of games design built an industry that grew to £5.8 billion throughout Europe (£17.7 billion worldwide) by 2002. Good essays by games designers/programmers like Eric Zimmerman, Mark Pesce and Celia Pearce.

Comment submitted by Anonymous

Credit for this must go curators Lucien King and Conrad Bodman. This was a great show, which achieved critical/commercial success and attracted that rarest of things, a genuine cross generational audience. People that never go to art shows went to this one, while many in the UK's arts establishment began to take video games seriously for the first time.

Comment submitted by nathan_barley

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