Hyperspace Visualizer

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1995: created.
Andrew Wood?, Nick Drew?, Russell Beale?, Bob Henley? at School of Computer Science University of Birmingham? UK create the Hyperspace Visualizer which tracks movement through a site. This can be seen at: http://www.igd.fhg.de/archive/1995_www95/proceedings/posters/35/index.html

comment by Bob Cotton Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchen include this and many other examples of data-visualisation and visual user-tracking in their excellent book 'The Atlas of Cyberspace'. The software I'm looking for is a cross between this and the 'recent' visual mnemonics invented by Bill Atkinson in Apple's Hypercard (1986). A research-tracker that creates a timeline of thumbnails that visually remind you of sites visited, as well as reminders of the 'off-piste' casual or inquisitive browsing that often interrupts focused research. I'd want these query-strands to be demarcated visually (on the basis of keywords), and to be able to show any notes, comments, text-copies, downloads or other materials related to the sites visitied. Too much of data-visualisation is abstract - not user-centred. This stuff should be intensely personal and customisable to suit MY mnemonics and MY associations. I want to be able to recreate and relive my thinking as I was researching/browsing. Please!