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07.2000: LShift founded

Founded by Andy Wilson, John Newby, Ian Morrison, Sam Jones, Stuart Mottram, Matthias Radestock and Sophie Clare, with help from Lateral.

Having worked as CTOs in a large number of agencies over the years, the principals behind LShift decided that it would make sense to form a new kind of technical agency. Their idea was to recruit only the most experienced developers, with high levels of qualification and proven track records, and then sell their services to other agencies smart enough to understand that they'd get better results working through LShift rather than muddling through with an in-house team of PHP/ASP monkeys ;-)

More seriously, perhaps;

LShift is a pure technology company with experience of developing complex solutions for large companies.

Our sole aim is to deliver the most suitable technology for your business. We don't just look at the technical brief, we look at the overall solution. We achieve our high standards by hiring only the best and most experienced people in the industry.