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Comment submitted by ruth

2004: MSN no longer sells pop-ups
MSN announces it will no longer sell pop-up and pop-under ads on-site following MSN users’ feedback

2003: MSN removes banner ads
MSN removes all banner advertisements from MSN Search UK in a ground-breaking move

2001: MSN launches Advantage Marketing
MSN launches ground breaking initiative for the Digital Marketing industry called Advantage Marketing with £1.5 million investment

2000: MSN and Madonna do a web cast?
Madonna and MSN rock the globe with the world’s biggest web cast in a ground breaking new record - 9 million fans watching from around the globe

1999: Net Value ranks MSN as number one
Net Value ranks MSN as the number one website for UK home users

1998: MSN launches Shopping channel
MSN heralds e-commerce with the launch of its Shopping Channel

1998: MSN scoopes online chat with George Michael
MSN scoops the world's press with the first interview with George Michael after his Los Angeles arrest. He stays online chatting for two hours

1996: MSN.co.uk is launched

Comment submitted by Captain Beefheart

03.1999: features in Coronation Street

05.1999: ‘Locked in a room with the Internet’ study.
Four plucky volunteers are locked in separate rooms for 100 hours with only the Internet to survive

11.1999: ‘Life’s Great’ TV ads break.
Advertising guru Trevor Beattie proclaims them the best ads on TV

1999: presents the biggest webcast in history
Sir Paul Mc Cartney makes an historic return to the Cavern Club in Liverpool

02.2000: MSN’s Women's Channel is launched.
It is now one of the most visited parts of site

03.2000: Hotmail,
the free web based e-mail services userbase in the UK tops three and a half million

2000: MSN.co.uk 1 million users per day
the first UK web site to achieve this.

08.2001: launches the World’s First Internet Bench
in Bury St. Edmunds

2002: launches Live Your Life?
which saw five ordinary people live their lives on the Internet having their daily decisions made by MSN users

06.2002: MSN publishes the first of its Online Pulse researches
looking at confidence levels within the whole marketing sector, with a special focus on online marketing

02.2002: announces its first subscription service
Hotmail Extra Storage

11.2002: launches MSN 8
its second subscription service with ground breaking child protection and spam filtering software

@2002 (nov) launches Mobile service in the UK in partnership with Singlepoint allowing users to receive Messenger and Hotmail on their mobile phones

04.2003: – personalised ads
MSN drives the first consumer campaign in the UK to use a revolutionary new personalised ad format with the subscriber’s name in print, run across top EMAP titles

06.2003: and Microsoft announce a global initiative to tackle spam?
by a co-ordinated approach to technology, enforcement, education and legislation

06.2003: webcasts JK Rowling
intimate, invitation only event at the Royal Albert Hall which gave children across the world a chance to ask their favourite author a question following the publication of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

08.2003: MSN launches new subscription services MSN Premium and MSN Plus

08.2003: Gillian Kent becomes Director of MSN UK after over ten years’ experience with MSN and Microsoft

09.2003: MSN is the first UK portal to announce the closure of its chat rooms
in a move heralded by children’s charities

12.2003: MSN use Adlink? technology to serve personalised agency messages
to key media agencies in another industry first