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1996: launches Flash 1.0

Comment submitted by bob

BC: The launch-demo (at Mac World? I seem to remember) was gob-smacking - the promise of a tool for movie-quality scaleable vector animation, with smart drawing tools, scriptable, cross platform, backed by Macromedia and compatible with Director (by then Director was the dominant authoring engine, Shockwave for web work)!

Comment submitted by lankyphil

I was very happy to see Macromedia buy & re-launch F(utureSp)lash as, by then, I'd been using it as a replacement for Microsoft's god-awful MMControl on a MSN (US) music show called Rifff - and even at v 0.9 it was gorgeous!

Anyone else remember Matinee.co.uk? Egomedia? Spooky & the Bandit?