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08.1996: Internet Explorer 3.0 released
08.1995: launched Windows95
1996: Comic chat introduced.
Developed by David Kurlander at the Microsoft Virtual Worlds Group, characters drawn by Jim Woodring. Part of Explorer 3.0. 1996: launched WindowsCE
08.1997: buy WebTV
2002: Microsoft launch the WIFI-equipped Tablet PC launch
2001: Microsoft launch Xbox in UK

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08.1995: Internet Explorer 1 released

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11.1995: Internet Explorer 2 released

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06.1998: Windows98? launched

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2003: MSN shut their chatrooms for fear of online grooming of children. At first this is recognised as a good step to preventing children from being targetted by paedophiles on the internet, but then suddenly everyone bar MSN see sense and realise all they've done is drive children to other websites that may not have any moderation at all.