[Mike Figgis:]

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2000: produces Time Code
A multiscreen parallel narrative feature film

Comment submitted by Colin

Mike Figgis gave a really interesting talk on this film at an NMK/Bafta seminar a couple of years ago. See the report at: http://www.nmk.co.uk/article/2003/07/07/3d-storytelling

Mike Figgis did a live remix of Time Code in a tour of cinema clubs earlier this year. I saw him at Brixton Ritzy. I was intrigued why multi-screen (well multi-frame) movies lay fallow as a narrative form for over 30 years. In the late 1960s there was an exciting glut of explorations of multi-screen and multi-frame narratives, occasioned by light-shows \(FLUXUS, Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Floyd etc), audio-visual design, and the multi-screen extravaganza of Expo67, as well as two feature movies: The Thomas Crown Affair (1968?) and Woodstock (1970). Then 30 years or so later we get Time Code, then TV dramas like 24 and Spooks using extensive multi-frame. Why the big gap? Anyone shed any light on this?

comment submitted by Bob Cotton