Peter Small

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1994: writes Lingo Sorcery
This is published by Wiley
Comment submitted by Anonymous

Peter Small - when it comes to writing the intellectual history of the late twentieth century, I hope someone finds the time to investigate Small's life and work in more detail. The man is an outrageous genius!

Comment submitted by Andy Wilson

The archetypal 'mad professor', Peter started off working in research for the military, then ran a stall in Carnaby St emplying Boy George as his assistant before joining in the new media revolution. His wild but brilliant ideas frustrated, astounded, befuddled and inspired alternately, and his book Lingo Sorcery introduced the concept of object oriented programming to a generation of interactive designers. One of the intellectual powerhouses of the British new media scene, Peter's influence has been quiet but pervasive.

Comment submitted by Bob

Bob Cotton adds: Peter is a scholar and a gentleman, his How God Makes God was the first poetic, philosophical, 'cartoon' on CDROM (more details see http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/director/misc/sorcery/wio0896c/sorcery/hgmg.htm) - a kind of Alfred Jarry-esque treatment of these themes . Enormously influential in a cultish kind of way to aspirant hypermedia designers (essentially all of us) in the early 1990's. For more of Peter's thinking - on business, entrepreneurialism, networks, agents (etc) see biblio at http://www.fetchbook.ca/search_Peter_Small/searchBy_Author.html.