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1996: Pointcast server-push screen saver
This personalised news service launched - up to 10 million people download the Pointcast player. First full-screen text and pictures animated server-push personalised news delivery service.
Comment submitted by bob

BC: Pointcast was awesomely impressive - remember that then there was no animation on websites, let alone full-screen animation of the type that Pointcast embodied in its screen-saver mode. We had to wait for Flash and advanced Java scripting before we got anything like this in our browser windows. - The concept was brilliant too - the user logged on, automatically had his Pointcast client downloaded with personalised current news and content. In screen saver mode Pointcast would animate the whole monitor screen with moving text and images culled from the newstream. Clicking on an item opened the browser at the relevant point in the Pointcast site, where the user could explore the news item in depth. Pointcast attracted over 4 million subscribers at the height of its popularity.