Ted Nelson

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03.2004: Prototypes of Zig Zag & D-Lit
: at Dust or Magic :A proposed system for universal document quotation with ascribable copyright and IP payments through a micropayment system.
Comment submitted by Bob the Deconstructionist

Unjustly maligned in Wired magazine's infamous 1995 "Xanadu Vaporware" article, Nelson can be seen as the progenitor/John the Baptist figure of the Human Web. His pioneering work in realising Vannevar Bush's dream in "As We May Think" (Atlantic Monthly, 1947) would have created a more coherent web, rather than the glorious chaos we have today. He coined the terms hypertext and dildonicsm, Nelson has achieved uber-guru status in his own runtime.

Comment submitted by Andy Wilson

As well as his original technical concepts and projects, Nelson was one of the first champions of personal computing. His Computer Lib is a classic - can't someone out there do a reprint so I do't have to pay $200 on ebay ;-)