[Wachowski Brothers:]

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2003: The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolution

Comment submitted by bob

BC:' Its good to see the Wachowski brothers? and their SFX genius John Gaeta? pushing the envelop of what digital can do. The range - and combination - of techniques in the Matrix? trilogy has been hailed by some as indicators of a new, emerging 'virtual cinematography'. Certainly Gaeta's? effects are a masterpiece of combinatorial innovation - flawlessly linking motion photo-grammetry, 3d computer modelling and effects, motion-control, 'bullet-time' panoscopes in a successful theatrical whole. The martial arts were given a highly successful FX treatment in previous movies (notably Hsig Nu 'A Touch of Zen' (dir. King Hu 1969), and the more recent 'Crouching Tiger, Sleeping Dragon' (Ang Lee 2000), but the Wachowski brothers? combine this with soaring virtual cinematography, facial expression capture of the leading protagonists, and suitably awesome computer-generated blasts and shockwaves, in a script that has all the AI-related philosophical hooks, a love story, conspiracy theory and references to sixties counter-culture that us old hippies need.

1999: The Wachowski Brothers: The Matrix