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Comment submitted by bob

BC: Where did YOU see your first iMac? And didn't everything go fruit-pastille coloured and translucent plastic for a year or two afterwards?

Comment submitted by ilana

I still have my first iMac in Bondi Blue. I thought it was great - the fact that it constantly crashed and that the Mac version of IE had problems with Java script didn't deter me.

Comment submitted by Tom

I always thought that one of the most interesting things about the iMac was the absence of a floppy disk drive. Irritating, but also boldly forward looking: floppy disks should really have no place in the networked world.

Comment submitted by ilana

Yes, having to buy a zip drive to go with it was irritating - but it meant I understood what USB meant before my friends. Do people even use zip discs any more?

Comment submitted by Colin

I've still got my Mac Classic, the iMac of it's day, only beige. In fact, the older it gets, the more beige it becomes. Still worked, last time I tried (admittedly about 3 years ago). Somebody did an installation using old Macs at the ICA not so long ago -- if anyone knows who that is - they might have a use for my classic.