[rage launched:]

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1995 27th April launch of rage magazine, the UK's first commercial online lifestyle magazine. Produced monthly in PDF format the first issue included advertising from Lucozade and 18-30's holidays that featured samples from a little known bloke who turned in to someone called fat boy slim. Magazine covered music, film, video, theatre, sport, poetry, manga comics and comedy.

Subsequently rage went on to cover all the festivals including Glastonbury 1995, posting reviews as they happened using a combination of psion pdas, laptops, a kodak digital camera and the first data cards in the UK, and then also Reading and the Phoenix festival.

Also had the world's first review of Oasis "What's the story morning glory", beating the NME etc etc.

Started by Marcus Austin, Michael Bracken, and Jan Howells; three journalists who worked at Ziff Davis on PC Direct magazine. With help from US salesperson Tyler Moorehead, who sold some of the first UK web advertising - www. Rage was also infamously the reason for the Guiness screensaver - a collaboration between Tyler, Saul Klein and Tim Carrigan of Noho digital. rage was based in offices with Webmedia after getting drunk one night with Ivan Pope and Steve Bowbrick in Cyberia. rage was hosted by Southern Studios home to IUMA and run by John Loder.

Had a fantastic review by Simon Waldman of the Guardian who compared us to the online outputs of Natmags, Conde Naste etc.