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The 1010 timeline provides you with an opportunity to landmark key events to you within our UK New media industry history. Using a timeline created by Bob Cotton (co-author of ‘Cyberspace Lexicon’), you can add personal or company information to existing entries in the timeline, or create your own history within it.

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Timeline 1994 - 2004

   1994. Myst Cd: Robyn and Rand Miller (Cyan) : Myst CDROM
   1994. Cyberspace Lexicon: written by Bob Cotton and Richard Oliver
   1994. Adobe: Adobe introduces layers into Photoshop 3.0
   1994. Apple: PowerMac to be based on Power PC? chip
   1994. Bert the Fish: created
   1994. Endemol: invents Big Brother
   1994. Howard Rheingold: Howard Rheingold writes 'The Virtual Community'
   1994. Mute: newspaper launched
   1994. Nintendo: and 'Donkey Kong Country'
   1994. Peter Small: writes Lingo Sorcery
   1994. Quantum Computing: Shor factorisation algorithm Quantum Computing
   1994. RCA Digital Satellite System (DSS): begins broadcasting (DirecTV)
   1994. Red Hat Linux: created by Marc Ewing
   1994. Robert Zemeckis: produces Forrest Gump
   1994. SMS: SMS launched
   1994. Sega Saturn: launched
   1994. Sega Saturn: Sony Playstation launched
   1994. Sony MagicLink PDA: with General Magic Magic Cap OS
   1994. Yahoo!: Yahoo was founded
   1994. AOL: has 1 million users
   1994. AMXdigital: founded.
   1994. artec: Artec - Arts Technology Centre
   1994. Virtual Nightclub: A prototype of the Virtual Night Club? was created
   1994. MA DIM: MA in Design for Interactive Media
   1994. @1994:Internet Magazine: Internet Magazine was launched in August
   1994. 1989: Director goes interactive: African-American programmer invents Lingo.
   1994. The Net BBC2: The Net was the BBC's magazine series
   1994. Cyberia Cafe: the first real internet cafe in london - it was a landmark
   1994. Internet Publishing: founded.
   1994. Internet Publishing: launches PowerPC News
   1994. Internet Publishing: Opens a New York office.
   1994. Cyberfeminist Zine: Rosie X launches the first edition of geekgirl
   1994. Mike Butcher: Started writing about the Net.
   02.1994. Virtual Nightclub: David Mingayand filmmaker Dick Jewel? filmed Soho’s growing cyber culture
   10.1994. Hotwired: launched
   10.1994. W3C: Founded
   10.1994. Moonfish: founded
   11.1994. Electronic Telegraph: Launched
   11.1994. Financial Times: Launched
   1995. Page Mail: by Dialogue introduced SMS
   1995. Real Audio: launched
   1995. Being Digital: Published
   1995. hyperbolic information browser: developed
   1995. AlphaWorld: launched
   1995. Apache: 0.6.2 first official release
   1995. Bill Gates: publishes The Road Ahead'
   1995. Geocities: formed by David Bohnett
   1995. Hyperspace Visualizer: created.
   1995. Java: released by Sun Microsystems
   1995. Lycos: launched
   1995. Nagra: MPEG2
   1995. OnSale: online auction launched
   1995. Radio HK: launched
   1995. Red Hat Software: formed to distribute open-source Linux
   1995. The Dynamics of Software Development: by Jim McCarthy
   1995. The Mythical Man Month: Fred Brooks
   1995. Toy Story: first full-length computer generated feature movie
   1995. Wiki-pedia: launched.
   1995. Neilsen: and CommerceNet announce 16-24 million online
   1995. Neilsen: begins posting his Alertbox column
   1995. Modem: The average speed is 14.4 kbps
   1995. Amazon: Jeff Bezos founds Amazon
   1995. 1995: Amazon goes public.
   1995. Virtual Nightclub: Launched
   1995. Virtual Nightclub: An application to the Club MEDIA d'Investissement was successful
   1995. Flabberghasted: create the first 'Blue Book' enhanced CD.
   1995. Digital Slam: "The World's first trans-Atlantic jam"
   1995. Emap Online: Empire, FHM, Q, Angling Times(!). First British magazines online.
   1995. Internet Publishing: creates first UK sites
   1995. Internet Publishing: and BMP DDB Needham create interactive agency Online Magic
   1995. Online Magic: launches site for GT Interactive Software
   02.1995. Virtual Nightclub: The Virtual Night Club? name was patented.
   04.1995. ZDNet: launched
   05.1995. Sun: launch Java
   05.1995. Virtual Nightclub: A £1m plus publishing deal is negotiated
   06.1995. WebTV: founded
   07.1995. Virtual Nightclub: David Mingay took up the role of Producer
   08.1995. Microsoft: launched Windows95
   08.1995. Microsoft: Internet Explorer 1 released
   08.1995. Netscape: capitalised at $2.6 billion on IPO
   08.1995. Virtual Nightclub: 75 nightclub characters / dancers were filmed
   09.1995. Virtual Nightclub: Herbie Hancock was filmed in LA directed by Olaf Wendt
   11.1995. Microsoft: Internet Explorer 2 released
   11.1995. The Palace: launched
   1996. Active Worlds: satellite maps reproduced
   1996. Real Audio: used for 1st live uk webcast
   1996. 3d Mbone global maps: produced in VRML
   1996. Andy Cameron: and Richard Barbrook write The California Ideology
   1996. Apache 1.1.1: launched
   1996. Apple: Michael D. Jonas Teener invents Firewire.
   1996. AudioRom: Audio Rom release beta1
   1996. DV: tape format introduced
   1996. DV: Lars von Trier's The Idiots feature shot on DV
   1996. Electric Sky: Electric Sky - an interactive map of netart sites
   1996. Game Boy: Pokemon was created
   1996. Macromedia: launches Flash 1.0
   1996. Mattel: releases Barbie: Fashion Designer CDROM
   1996. Microsoft: Comic chat introduced.
   1996. Microsoft: launched WindowsCE
   1996. Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi: writes Creativity
   1996. Nintendo: Pokemon was created
   1996. Pointcast: Pointcast server-push screen saver
   1996. Pre-Paid GSM SIM Cards: launched.
   1996. Quake: released by ID Software
   1996. Quake: game-engine and levels-editor used
   1996. Richard Barbrook: and Andy Cameron write The California Ideology
   1996. WebTV: using a television to access the Internet is launched
   1996. tamagotchi: - Year of the pets
   1996. Palm: Palm Computing: Palm Pilot?
   1996. Director User Group (UK): inaugural meeting
   1996. Virtual Nightclub: 3D navigation, rendering/, programming continued.
   1996. MSN: MSN.co.uk is launched
   1996. First Tuesday: launched
   1996. Online Magic: launches award-winning sites for Boots.co.uk and Channel4.com.
   1996. Mike Butcher: Joined New Media Age magazine.
   08.1996. Microsoft: Internet Explorer 3.0 released
   08.1996. Virtual Nightclub: Interactive Designer, Simon Atherley, integrated the game visuals and the interaction with custom created code.
   10.1996. Virtual Nightclub: David Collier left London for San Francisco.
   11.1996. Virtual Nightclub: A trailer for of the VNC was created.
   11.1996. MSN.co.uk: MSN.co.uk is launched
   11.1996. Reading Room: launches
   12.1996. Virtual Nightclub: Def Jam acts were filmed in NY
   1997. Ask Jeeves: semantic-parsing search engine launched
   1997. AudioRom: Audio Rom release shiftcontrol
   1997. BBC: 'The Mirror: Inhabited TV''
   1997. Brad Huffaker: creates MapNet
   1997. Brewster Kahle: starts the Internet Archive
   1997. Bruce Damer: writes 'Avatars!
   1997. Canal Plus 'Deuxieme Monde': Canal Plus creates 'Deuxieme Monde'
   1997. Cassini spacecraft: launch
   1997. DVD: DVD launched
   1997. J.C. Hertz: writes Joystick Nation
   1997. Jakob Nielsen: writes Multimedia and Hypertext
   1997. Janet H. Murray: writes Hamlet On The Holodeck
   1997. Mitchel Resnick: writes 'Turtles, Termites and Traffic Jams'
   1997. Sony: Wipeout2097 is produced
   1997. Ultima Online: launched
   1997. W3C: Tim Berners-Lee announces plans for Semantic Web
   1997. Virtual Nightclub: Thumb Candy purchased back the rights to the VNC
   1997. Omniscience: Founded
   1997. Protein: Launched
   1997. NoodleBox: NoodleBox launched
   1997. Online Magic: sweeps the board with UK Best Web Agency awards
   1997. Online Magic: launches the award-winning original content production GE97.co.uk
   1997. Online Magic: launches first major e-commerce sites
   1997. Online Magic: AGENCY.COM invest in Online Magic.
   03.1997. Virtual Nightclub: Final testing of the VNC was undertaken
   04.1997. Fortune Cookie: launches
   05.1997. Eric Raymond: writes 'The Cathedral and the Bazaar'
   05.1997. IBM Big Blue: beats world chess master
   05.1997. Virtual Nightclub: The VNC team was wound up
   06.1997. Virtual Nightclub: Phillips Interactive Media was re-organised
   06.1997. Virtual Nightclub: The Sony Play Station? emerged as the main platform for interactive software.
   08.1997. Microsoft: buy WebTV
   08.1997. Netscape: Netscape 4.0 released
   11.1997. Internet.Works: Internet.Works Magazine launched
   1998. BAFTA: hosts first BAFTA Interactive Media Awards
   1998. CCTV: 80.6 CCTV cameras per sq mile in London.
   1998. DIVX: launches 'pay as you view' encrypted DVD
   1998. DVD: DIVX - 'pay as you view' encrypted DVD launched
   1998. Diamond Corp Rio: launched portable MP3 player
   1998. Google: created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
   1998. Kevin Kelly: writes 'New Rules for the New Economy'
   1998. Anti browser: collages created by Mark Napier
   1998. NMK: started
   1998. Open Source: (February) this term is coined
   1998. Plumb Design: Visual Thesaurus: launched
   1998. SMS: UK volumes reach 1 million per month
   1998. The Glory of the Geeks: Robert X. Cringly's TV series in US
   1998. Mongrel: Natural Selection
   1998. Triggerhappy: created by Thomson and Craighead
   1998. VR: Char Davies Ephemere immersive VR
   1998. WAP Wireless Application Protocol consortium: formed
   1998. weblogs: created by Dave Winer
   1998. Palm: 3Com launch PalmPilot3
   1998. Liv4now launches: as the first UK community and lifestyle site
   1998. SoundRaider: launched
   1998. MSN: MSN launches Shopping channel
   1998. MSN: MSN scoopes online chat with George Michael
   1998. Hotmail: - Microsoft buys Hotmail
   1998. The Auction Channel: broadcast first live interactive auction allowing live bids over the Internet from Ferrari auction, Gstaad, Switzerland
   1998. AGENCY.COM: fully acquires Online Magic.
   1998. Mike Butcher: Editor of NMA Jan 1998 - June 2000
   05.1998. Apple: Apple introduce iMac
   06.1998. Handspring: formed by Jeff Hawkins
   06.1998. Microsoft: Windows98? launched
   07.1998. George Michael Web Chat: MSN
   09.1998. eBay: IPO values eBay at $1.9 billion
   12.1998. eBay: is valued at $9.9billion.
   1999. Neo One: Neo One commenced business in 1999, after the success of community site Liv4now.com
   1999. Y2K bug: Mass hysteria in the world as everyone wondered what would happen to our technology when the clock struck twelve on January 1 2000.
   1999. Woopah: Woopah was my very first website
   1999. MPEG-4: becomes international standard
   1999. John Lamping: John Lamping, Ramana Rao /
   1999. 989 Studios: Everquest? Sony, Verant Interactive, Todd Mcfarlane
   1999. Aibo: Sony launch Aibo robot dog
   1999. Apple: Final Cut Pro released
   1999. Bluetooth: specification v1.0 released
   1999. Brutus.1: Selmer Bringsjord: Brutus.1 computer-generated storytelling.
   1999. City of Bits: by William Mitchell
   1999. Cryptonomicon: by Neal Stephenson
   1999. DIVX: standard abandoned
   1999. Digital Animation Group: launch Ananova
   1999. EverQuest: Sony Online Entertainment
   1999. Inxight Software Site Lens: John Lamping, Ramana Rao /
   1999. Napster: Napster music peer file-sharing created by Shawn Fannon, has 20 million users by 2000
   1999. Reframing Consciousness: edited by Roy Ascott
   1999. Sony Online Entertainment: Sony Online Entertainment/Verant Interactive/989 Studios/Todd Mc Farlane (illustrator):
   1999. Sony: Sony launch Aibo robot dog
   1999. Sony: launch everquest?
   1999. The Age of Spiritual Machines: by Ray Kurzweil
   1999. The Matrix: The Wachowski Brothers: The Matrix
   1999. Mongrel: Linker
   1999. Tivo: ReplayTV hard-disk video recorders introduced
   1999. Todd McFarlane: Sony Online Entertainment
   1999. Verant Interactive: Sony Online Entertainment/Verant Interactive/989 Studios/Todd Mc Farlane (illustrator):
   1999. When Things Start to Think: by Neil Gershenfel
   1999. Wooden Mirror: by Danny Rozin
   1999. eWebSubscriptions: introduced by Baen Books? Download book advance chapters for $10.
   1999. Wachowski Brothers: The Wachowski Brothers: The Matrix
   1999. Ramana Rao: John Lamping, Ramana Rao /
   1999. MSN: Net Value ranks MSN as number one
   1999. MSN: presents the biggest webcast in history
   1999. Mc Cartney: Mc Cartney plays at the Cavern Club to 500 million people.
   1999. AGENCY.COM: acquires Pictoris in Paris and Twinspark? in Amsterdam.
   1999. AGENCY.COM: acquires online advertising firm iTraffic? in the US.
   1999. AGENCY.COM: becomes a public traded company on the Nasdaq Exchange.
   1999. bee2: Paul Butler and Leslie Beaumont establish bee2.
   03.1999. MSN: features in Coronation Street
   05.1999. MSN: ‘Locked in a room with the Internet’ study.
   10.1999. Encyclopaedia Brittanica Online: Encyclopaedia Brittanica Online launched
   11.1999. MSN: ‘Life’s Great’ TV ads break.
   2000. MPEG4: Sharp launch MPEG4 camcorder
   2000. BT: launches BT Open World?
   2000. Bluetooth: first commercial services and technologies roll out
   2000. GSM: 480m GSM users worldwide
   2000. GSM: The first GPRS networks roll out.
   2000. GSM: GSM upgrades to GPRS
   2000. MP3: Over 23 portable MP3 players available
   2000. Sony: Sony have sold 56 million Playstation1 units
   2000. 3G: licence auction in UK raises £22 billion
   2000. AOL: acquires Time Warner
   2000. Ang Lee: produces Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
   2000. B2B: B2B becomes the current big thing
   2000. Bob Hughes: Bob Hughes writes Dust or Magic
   2000. Encyclopedia CDROM: Alan Currall produces
   2000. Endomol: Big Brother website gets 300m page views
   2000. FACT (Foundation for Art and Technology): Superchannel:
   2000. Inktomi: with NEC-RI estimates 1b indexable pages
   2000. Maxis: Maxis launch Will Wright's The Sims
   2000. Mike Figgis: produces Time Code
   2000. Mondex: Mondex launch smart cards in UK
   2000. Naomi Klein: Naomi Klein writes No Logo
   2000. STAR (Science Technology Art Research): Donald Rodney
   2000. Sega: launches SegaNet - first online games network
   2000. Sky: launches set-top box
   2000. The New Arrival: The New Arrival panoramic digital movie
   2000. The Universal Page: all the web on one page
   2000. Visual Expresso: 3D? Java information browswer created
   2000. WAP: services introduced in UK
   2000. Wired: Bill Joy publishes 'Why the Future Doesn't Need Us'
   2000. the dot-com bubble bursts: new media technology market collapses
   2000. the.year.dot: Film and Video Umbrella
   2000. MSN: MSN and Madonna do a web cast?
   2000. MSN: MSN.co.uk 1 million users per day
   2000. AGENCY.COM: launches first Video On Demand Interactive TV trial f
   2000. AGENCY.COM: acquires Visionik iTV services firm in Copenhagen.
   2000. ZagMe: The world's first location-based mobile marketing firm.
   02.2000. Copyleft: license proposed for any kind of work
   02.2000. MSN: MSN’s Women's Channel is launched.
   03.2000. Sony: Sony launches Playstation2
   03.2000. Worldwide Retail Exchange: formed by K-Mart, Tesco, Kingfisher, M&S
   03.2000. MSN: Hotmail,
   05.2000. Boo.com: collapses 6 months after launch
   06.2000. GPRS: CellNetUK introduces GPRS
   06.2000. Mike Butcher: Senior editor (news) of US-owned Industry Standard Europe
   07.2000. LShift: LShift founded
   2001. AIBO: Sony launch AIBO robotic dog
   2001. Final Fantasy: Hironobu Sakaguchi and Moto Sakakibara:
   2001. Final Fantasy: Square Co Ltd: Final Fantasy:
   2001. Apple: iPod personal audio MP3 player launched
   2001. Apple: Free downloadable MP3 player iTunes launched
   2001. DirecTV: UltimateTV - integrated Tivo and DirecTV
   2001. Microsoft: Microsoft launch Xbox in UK
   2001. SMS: 16 billion SMS message sent in April alone
   2001. The Atlas of Cyberspace: Rob Kitchen & Martin Dodge:
   2001. Tivo: UltimateTV - integrated Tivo and DirecTV
   2001. Tonic Design: Tonic Design: etc website - cutaway animation in realtime
   2001. UltimateTV: UltimateTV - integrated Tivo and DirecTV
   2001. Kubrick: Speilberg/Kubrick AI on general release
   2001. AI: Speilberg/Kubrick AI on general release
   2001. Xbox: Microsoft launch Xbox in UK
   2001. Shrek: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson, Scott Marshall:
   2001. Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring: Peter Jackson 'Lord of the Rings:
   2001. Max Payne: Remedy Entertainment: Max Payne
   2001. Stock Market Planetarium: Lisa Autogena/Joshua Portway: Black Shoals
   2001. boredomresearch: Possessed at www.boredomresearch.net/possessed
   2001. The Moby Dick Project: Rosemary Heather does The Moby Dick Project
   2001. Map50: Desperate Optimists:
   2001. The World Awakes: BBC Radio 4: The World Awakes
   2001. Rocket ebook: Nuvomedia: Rocket ebook
   2001. Lev Manovich: The Language of New Media (MIT Press)
   2001. The Language of New Media: Lev Manovich: The Language of New Media (MIT Press)
   2001. Stephen Speilberg: Speilberg/Kubrick AI on general release
   2001. Asheron's Call: Asheron's Call online gaming environment created
   2001. The Bank of Time: Richard Wright: The Bank of Time
   2001. Tim Etchells: Surrender Control SMS
   2001. New Screen Media: Martin Reiser, Andrea Zapp: New Screen Media:
   2001. Cross Channel: NMK Trade Mission and Conference
   2001. MSN: MSN launches Advantage Marketing
   2001. AGENCY.COM: London office's Digital Marketing Group re-branded to iTraffic:London.
   2001. AGENCY.COM: becomes a private company again
   2001. Mike Butcher: Freelance writing for The Financial Times, The Times,
   2001. Cadbury's: Cadbury's runs the first large-scale on-pack text and win campaign
   05.2001. Belleville Studios: Fotobot
   08.2001. MSN: launches the World’s First Internet Bench
   08.2001. Internet Bench: It got vandalised, and then 2 teenagers discovered you could make free long-distance calls from it.
   2002. Apple: iMac pedestal computer introduced
   2002. DVD: DVD sales pass VCR sales; 40+ million U.S. homes have DVD.
   2002. DVD: Nearly 21,000 DVD titles in circulation in US, 7,000 introduced this year.
   2002. Microsoft: Microsoft launch the WIFI-equipped Tablet PC launch
   2002. Quake: Quake Con 2002 - first machinima film festival (indie movies produced using game engines like Quake)
   2002. Pearson: Bob Cotton Futurecasting Digital Media
   2002. QuakeCon 2002: first machinima film festival (indie movies produced using game engines like Quake)
   2002. Game On: Barbican Game On exhibition
   2002. Tristero: Film and Video Umbrella
   2002. Margaret Crane: Margaret Crane/Jon Winet: Monument
   2002. Jonathan Ian Mathers: Star Schmucks cartoon
   2002. Star Schmucks: Jonathan Ian Mathers:
   2002. Proboscis - Private Reveries, Public Spaces: Proboscis - Private Reveries, Public Spaces
   2002. dot-store.com: Thomson & Craighead: dot-store.com at www.dot-store.com
   2002. Redundant Technology Initiative: FaxTV
   2002. FaxTV: Redundant Technology Initiative: FaxTV http://faxtv.lowtech.org
   2002. WIFI: Microsoft launch the WIFI-equipped Tablet PC
   2002. Tablet PC: Microsoft launch the WIFI-equipped Tablet PC
   2002. Polymer (LEP): Light-emitting Polymer (LEP) roll-up screens feasible
   2002. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones: first major-budget feature shot on digital cameras
   2002. GNU: GNU announces it is building Radio Free software
   2002. Dan Harries: The New Media Book (BFI Publishing)
   2002. The Cluster: launched
   2002. MSN: launches Live Your Life?
   2002. Mobile Marketing grows up: Helen Keegan at Beep Marketing
   02.2002. MSN: announces its first subscription service
   06.2002. MSN: MSN publishes the first of its Online Pulse researches
   07.2002. Stephen Speilberg: Minority Report on general release in UK
   11.2002. MSN: launches MSN 8
   2003. Apple: Apple launches the Safari browser
   2003. Apple: G5 64-bit processor contains 58 million transistors.
   2003. Apple: i-tunes service launched
   2003. BBC: BBC launch Fight Box gladiatorial TV contest exploiting convergence.
   2003. DVD: more DVDs than videotapes are rented in the U.S.
   2003. DVD: DVD-R-RW widely available
   2003. MP3: RCA Lyra PVP (personal video player/MP3 player with 20 Gb)
   2003. Microsoft: MSN shut their chatrooms for fear of online grooming of children. At first this is recognised as a good step to preventing children from being targetted by paedophiles on the internet, but then suddenly everyone bar MSN see sense and realise all they've done is drive children to other websites that may not have any moderation at all.
   2003. The Matrix: Wachowski Brothers: The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolution
   2003. Lucy Kimball: Personal Indices www.lucykimball.com
   2003. Wachowski Brothers: The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolution
   2003. Selfridges: Selfridges feature Body Metrics
   2003. BodyMetrics: Selfridges feature Body Metrics body scan service for fashion shoppers -
   2003. Intel Research: remote-sensing agriculture using 'smart dust'
   2003. Socket: I am the Mighty Jungulator at www.jungulator.com
   2003. Robert Cochran: Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow create 24
   2003. Julie Myers: Love and Adventure
   2003. USB: USB personal memory sticks
   2003. altzero5: Squidsoup: altzero5 www.altzero.com
   2003. compact flash: compact flash now up to 4.8 Gb (!) capacity
   2003. Squidsoup: Squidsoup: altzero5 www.altzero.com
   2003. moblogs: picturephones heavily promoted in UK - give rise to moblogs - picture blogs from mobiles
   2003. FightBox: BBC launch Fight Box gladiatorial TV contest exploiting convergence.
   2003. Howard Rhiengold: Howard Rhiengold 'Smart Mobs'
   2003. RCA Lyra PVP: RCA Lyra PVP (personal video player/MP3 player with 20 Gb)
   2003. Samsung: Samsung 54inch LCD TV screen
   2003. Logitech: Logitech IO personal digital pen - records and digitises your handwriting
   2003. MSN: MSN removes banner ads
   2003. Ocean Mocean: The Ocean Mocean Interactive Room was created!
   2003. Second Life: Second Life: virtual world launched
   2003. AGENCY.COM: becomes wholly acquired by Omnicom Group Inc.
   2003. AGENCY.COM: publishes "10 Years On - The State of the Internet a Decade After Mosaic"
   03.2003. Galileo: Galileo - the European global positioning system
   04.2003. MSN: – personalised ads
   06.2003. MSN: and Microsoft announce a global initiative to tackle spam?
   06.2003. MSN: webcasts JK Rowling
   08.2003. Tate Modern: User-Mode conference at Tate Modern
   08.2003. MSN: MSN launches new subscription services MSN Premium and MSN Plus
   08.2003. MSN: Gillian Kent becomes Director of MSN UK after over ten years’ experience with MSN and Microsoft
   09.2003. MSN: MSN is the first UK portal to announce the closure of its chat rooms
   10.2003. Amazon: Amazon launch digital books collection
   12.2003. MSN: MSN use Adlink? technology to serve personalised agency messages
   2004. Music Plasma: visual music-taste-matching software
   2004. Runtime Revolution: launch Revolution
   2004. Pod1: Appointed to work with Hachette Filipachi to put all their titles online
   2004. Apple: Mini-iPod now stores 10,000 music tracks
   2004. Apple: Runtime Revolution launch Revolution
   2004. Geocities: grows to 4 million users
   2004. Hotwired: And it still looks much the same...
   2004. iTunes: iTunes launches in Europe undercutting Napster
   2004. Ken McMillan: Art, Poetry and Particle Physics DVD
   2004. Lucy Kimball: (ed) New Media Art Practice and Context in the UK 1994-2004
   2004. Tate Britain: Tate Britain: British Art and New Media conference
   2004. Carey Young: Carey Young: I Believe in You?
   2004. MSN: MSN no longer sells pop-ups
   2004. MSN UK: MSN announces the launch of its new child safety site
   2004. Mc Cartney: Plays a boring set at Glasto
   2004. EMAP: Zoo magazine website launches
   2004. Download Chart: BBC Radio 1 starts doing a download chart
   2004. Pixies: The Pixies top the iTunes download chart in Europe.
   2004. Spacethinkdream.com: Launches.
   2004. Hachette Filipachi: HF states it will place all nine woman's magazines in it's portfolio online.
   2004. Mike Butcher: Currently: Technology columnist for The Irish Times
   2004. Mike Butcher: Currently Editor of Netimperative.com.
   2004. fixed line SMS: BT launches fixed line SMS
   2004. mobile video: BT launches video streaming on mobiles
   03.2004. Ted Nelson: Prototypes of Zig Zag & D-Lit
   06.2004. Apple: launch iTunes in UK france and germany
   03.06.2004. Wiki Playpen: Work on the User Guide starts
   09.06.2004. NMK: 1010 launched.
   10.06.2004. 1010: New Media Age print 1010 manifesto
   07.2004. Cassini spacecraft: makes it through the rings to orbit Saturn